Replica Rolex Yachtmaster II 116688

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The Rolex Yacht-Master II is a sport watch made by Rolex, unveiled in 2007 and first introduced in March 2010 with the models 116688 (Yellow Gold) and 116689 (White Gold). One year later, in 2011, Rolex introduced model 116681 which was made from steel and everose gold.At Baselworld 2013, the watch was available for the first time in 904L steel, model 116680, fitted with a Cerachrom bezel insert in blue ceramic. Originally the Yacht-Master II used Rolex’s 4160 movement but with the introduction of model 116680 in 2013, the movement was updated to the 4161 movement specifically designed for the Yacht-Master II. All Yacht-Master II watches have a case size of 44mm.

Replica Rolex should be the best-selling replicas on the internet, and Yachtmaster II is welcomed due to its big size and sporty ocean style. Original Rolex Yachtmaster watch is designed for people who love yachting activities, the countdown feature is exclusive and makes the Rolex watch special, it is the most sporty Rolex that inherits the deep sea spirit of Rolex. The watch is a replica version of Rolex Yachtmaster II 116688, original watch is made of white gold Platinum, while this replica watch uses 316L stainless steel. Besides the bi-directional rotating bezel, the dial has deep sea blue hands that also mark it a helpful sporty timepiece.

The replica Rolex Yachtmaster II watch features an informative dial that tells you everything about this watch, small second hand is running on the subdial at 6, big seconds chronograph hand is in red color, which is very eye-cathing on the white dial, coutdown dial has deep blue circles and small red triangle marks. The dial features square hour markers that are filled with white luminescence on center, so the watch can emit great green light in dark place, very strong like the genuine. The clasp of Rolex Yachtmaster II replica watch uses the most advanced watchmaking craftmanship, the clasp engraving is clear and has neat lines, the Rolex logo on the buckle also represents the highest engraving level. The replica Rolex is equipped with an Asian 7750 movement, actually the auto rotor is decorated to the appearance of gen, see the test result, the movement runs as accurate as genuine, only 3 seconds daily error.


Oyster Perpetual Submariner blue 116619LB

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The Oyster Perpetual Submariner is the quintessential divers’
watch, the benchmark in its genre. Introduced in 1953 during the
pioneering era for scuba diving, it was the first watch to be
water-resistant to 100 metres (330 feet). This iconic timepiece
has since evolved with a series of patented Rolex technical
innovations, guaranteeing its reliability and precision down to
depths of 300 metres (1,000 feet). At home in the oceans, where
it remains an indispensable instrument for every diver, the
Submariner has also conquered terra firma as the watch of
action with a rugged elegance of its own. The Submariner is
available with and without the date function.

The Oyster Perpetual Submariner’s robust and functional design swiftly
became iconic. With their subtly redesigned Oyster case, distinctive dial
with large luminescent hour markers, graduated rotatable Cerachrom
bezel and solid link Oyster bracelet, the latest generation Submariner and
Submariner Date are firmly in line with the original model launched in

The case is made of 316F stainless steel and measured to be 40mm in diameter, it is brushed in whole surface, one-piece forged case has better water resistant performance, including screw-in crown, you do not need to worry water enter into when washing hands or swimming. The bezel is blue ceramic and has silver markers engraved, there is a pearl on bezel that has silver edge. These bezel markers look more delicate than that of previous versions. Because of one-piece forged case, there is no gasp between the bezel and case. Blue dial echoes with blue ceramic bezel, white printings and superlumed hour markers as well as hands, the inner bezel has correct Rolex Rehaut engraved like genuine, as well as unique reference number.

Using solid links on stainless steel bracelet, which is new Oyster style, the replica features a similar weight to original 116619LB. The bracelet is also one of the places I am pround of. Its polishing and craftmanship are better than any other versions. The factory researched the genuine watch and produced the bracelet that features the same folding structure as original. When opening the clasp, you can find the blacken Rolex Logo and other engraving, these are all done by laster machine, you can always tell a good quality replica from poor ones by checking these small details. Besides the super blue dial lume, the replica is powered by a super clone 3135 calibre, which is the latest 3135 movement in our watch market, it could be more stable and accurate than other 3135 replica movements. But you could also buy one with Asian 2836 at lower cost.

The Explorer II is an iconic Rolex

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Explorer II copy watches, many of them have a 24-hour hand that appears to be yellow or all white. Both the original orange hand and the later red hand tend to discolor badly. This new replica Rolex Explorer II is definitely no re-edition or replica of the very first ref.1655 nor does it claims to be one. The large orange 24-hour marks and hands are merely a wink to its 1971 forefather. With its new 42mm case, Oyster bracelet with Easy-Link systemand safety clasp, brand new Swiss ETA 2836 movement and blue luminous dial and hands, and surely with afford able price. It can be regarded as a perfect replica sport watch. Caliber 3187 is Rolex current movement for sports watches with an extra time zone. It uses the patented Parachrome hairspring and Paraflex shock absorbers. It doesn’t differ that much from its predecessor, caliber 3185. There have been a lot of comments on other new models, like the polished center links of the GMT-Master IILN or the new Explorer 214720 with hands that are just too short. This Explorer II just seems to be good to go as it is. Although it has a diameter of 42mm, it certainly doesn’t appear to be too big, like some are complaining about the Rolex Deep-Sea Sea-Dweller.

The watch is a replica of special edition Explorer II Steve McQueen 1655, it was named “Steve McQueen Explorer” because he usually wore Explorer II appearing in movie scene. The watch is fully made of 316L stainless steel, it is a special project raised by a watch factory that specilized in manufacturing vintage replica watches. The Paul Newman 6241 I introduced before was also made by this factory. The replica was made according to a genuine Explorer II, the factory tore watch parts down and research every of them, finally completed such perfect imitation.

The bezel has 24-hour engraving that corresponds to the orange GMT hand on dial, which is black. The dial is my favorite place of the watch, especially the lume hour markers, which is applied with brownish luminescence. Orange GMT hand is also eye-catching and could be adjusted independently through the crown, which is tightly inserted into the case and protected by crown guards. The dial features white printing as well as “T SWISS < 25 T”, this is an iconic feature of those vintage Rolex watches. There are too much things worth talking about this vintage dial, people who are fond of vintage watches should find more interesting details on it.

The Rolex Explorer II will probably never become a popular model like the Submariner or GMT-Master, perhaps a reason for you to buy one.


The two color GMT-Master II watches

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The new red and blue two-color Cerachrom character circle is the Rolex in technology and a great achievement in aesthetics. By the Rolex research and development of the patent circle production process, made of a block with two colors of the word circle. This design and the first GMT-Master and GMT-Master II watch the traditional two-color outer ring echoes. In addition, this innovative circle also reflects the two major achievements, first of all, the production of red pottery circle itself is extremely difficult, and then more to adjust the chemical composition of each grain of ceramic, from the inside to the outside circle from red to blue Color, while the two colors also need to compare clearly. Rolex Cerachrom word circle in 2005, has a very strong anti-scratch, corrosion resistance, even by ultraviolet radiation does not fade. Its surface is polished by diamonds, giving a permanent shine. The 24-hour scale on the ceramic circle was filled with a platinum film by a PVD (physical vapor deposition) coating technique.

The GMT-Master II’s 40mm Oyster case is water resistant to a depth of 100 meters (330 feet) and is a sturdy, elegant, perfect example of proportions. Unique solid 18 ct white gold case, cast by Rolex own foundry. Triangular pit bottom cover by the Rolex watchmaker with a special brand of special tools to tighten, so that the case is completely sealed. On the chain crown with Rolex’s patent triple lock triple waterproof system, firmly tightened in the case, and by the middle case as one of the crown shoulder protection. In addition, the mirror is scratch-resistant blue crystal manufacturing, 3 o’clock position with a small window convex lens, easy to read the date. GMT-Master II waterproof oyster-type case for the highly accurate movement to provide the best protection.

From this picture we can see the color ceramic watch bezel, blue day, black represents the night. Rolex ceramic ring word came in 2005, with a strong scratch damage, corrosion resistance, even if not fade by ultraviolet radiation. The new GMT II two-color ceramic ring is made of different ceramic materials as a whole, the diamond surface is polished bezel in 24 hours within a progressive scale, fill a thin layer of platinum Rolex developed by PVD coating technology .

The new two-color GMT-Master II watch with 18 ct white gold solid chain oyster strap, the oyster-type insurance buckle to prevent the accidental opening of the buckle; buckle is also installed on the ingenious design patent Rolex easy link extension system , So that the strap can be easily extended about 5 mm, in all cases are more comfortable to wear.

Rolex Dial Rolex Submariner replica watch

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1680 is SubMARINER Rolex first introduced in 1968 with the date, the time span of about 20 years, after being waterproof better (up to 300 meters) 16800 substituted, the movement has to transition from the original Cal.1570 Cal.3035. Rolex “Submariner Scarlet Letter” (table fans often referred to as “Red Kelpie”) 1680 year of production concentrated in the late 1960s and early 1970s (1970), in 1680 a lot of Submariner is particularly Rarity .

The Blue Dial Rolex Submariner Date Two-Tone Replica Watch is one of the lead replica watches models of all time. Crown screws in and out smoothly, plated bracelet is well cloned and the yellow gold has the right polish. This just feels like one of the most genuine replica Submariners I ever saw. Everything is in place, shines just the right way, looks just right and feels just like an original. Blue yellow gold plated bezel is just like original in the finest detail. Even the palish yellow color that fills in the numbers and markers is the same.

This Rolex Submariner Date Two-Tone Replica Watch is so popular that I think every watch lover would want to have one in his collection just because it’s one of the most representative Rolex pieces ever made. Ticks very nice and it’s cut properly. Dial elements are just like on the original. Markers, markings, hands and engravings all match the genuine piece. Scratch-proof crystal with a good date magnifier fits perfect on the case.

I did compare this one very carefully with the original before I bought Rolex Submariner Date Replica Watch and let me tell you that I’m more pleased with the way it looks and feels in reality than in the photos.

It would be very hard to spot on unless you take it to a Rolex Submariner Replica Watch, as a good jeweler should always know. Tried finding some flaws on it but it just looks great and it’s an amazing clone.